VIQUA VH200-F10 UV System with Sediment Filter 9 GPM 1" MNPT

Part Number: VH200-F10
( 11 reviews )

VIQUA VH200-F10 UV System with Sediment Filter 9 GPM 1" MNPT

( 11 reviews )
Part Number: VH200-F10
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Integrated Pre-Filter
Lamp Replacement Timer
Made In North America
Replacement & Add Ons
Stage 1
VIQUA CMB-510-HF Sediment Filter 5 Micron 4.5" x 10" - - Replace Every 12 Months
Replacement Lamp
VIQUA S200RL-HO UV Lamp for VH200, SC-200, SCM-200, SP200-HO - - Replace Every 12 Months
Replacement Sleeve
VIQUA QS-001 UV Quartz Sleeve for VH200, S1Q-PA, SSM-14 - - Replace Every 12 Months
Replacement Combo
VIQUA QL-200 UV Lamp and Sleeve Kit for VH200 and VH200-F10 - - Replace Every 12 Months
Integrated Pre-Filter
Lamp Replacement Timer
Made In North America

Eliminate the hassle of installing separate filtration and UV systems with the VIQUA VH200-F10 combo system.

This top-selling whole-house UV filtration system is perfect for the average size home (1-3 bathrooms). 

PEACE OF MIND: Available as a point-of-entry system, the VH200-F10 system inactivates common waterborne pathogens*—including cryptosporidium, giardia, pathogenic E. coli (STEC/VTEC), campylobacter, legionella, salmonella, shigella, norovirus, enterovirus, and hepatitis A virus—to continuously deliver on our promise: consistently better water. 

IMPROVED TASTE: Prefilters remove sediment, grit, and dirt that affect taste

SIMPLE UPKEEP: Annual UV lamp replacement is typically all that is required

EASY TO INSTALL: Mounted on a heavy-duty steel bracket for a simple installation

NO RISK: Warranted for 10 yrs on chamber, 3 yrs on electrical; and 1 yr on VIQUA bulb

✓ Economical treatment for flow rates up to 9 GPM

✓ Includes UV sensor technology for continuous feedback on UV disinfection performance

✓ Filter housings and UV system preassembled and mounted on a reversible, powder-coated, heavy-duty steel mounting bracket, for simple and quick installation

VH200-F10 UV system, with an integrated prefilter, is a popular and cost-effective whole-house water filtration system choice.

To request international electrical plug types “F” (Europe), “G” (UK), and “I” (Australia) be included with your system at no charge, please email customer support, after ordering.

Feature & Specs
System includes integrated sediment filter to remove suspsended particles and turbidity
Counts down the days until UV lamp is due for replacement
System made in Canada and/or USA
Flow Rate: 9 Gallons Per Minute
Application: Point-of-Entry
Power: 100-240V 50-60Hz 35W
Overall Dimensions: 17" x 10.5" x 18"
Inlet Dimensions: 1" FPT
Outlet Dimensions: 3/4" FPT and 1" MPT
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