Omnipure Omnipure 2 x 6 Inline GAC T33 Carbon Filter K2333 K2333
Omnipure K2333 inline kulfilter GAC T33 2" x 6"
Reducerer klor, smag og lugt
NSF 42 Certificeret
PAE PAE 4.4 Gallon Reverse Osmosis Water Storage Pressure Tank - White 1/4 Male Threads 2.8 Gal Capacity TKE-3200W
Microline Microline S7028 2 x 11.5 5 Mic Sediment/Carbon Block Filter S7028 S7028
Microline S7028 sediment/kulfilter 2" x 11,5"
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Microline Microline 50 GPD TFC Membrane S1229RS S1229RS
Microline S1229RS TFC omvendt osmosemembran 50
Tynd filmmembran
Microline Microline S7011 2.5 x 12 5 Mic Sediment Filter S7011 S7011
Microline S7011 Sedimentfilter 5 Micron 2" x 12"
Also use with the Pentek RS-21SED5 and the Clack FI-S-7011
Microline S3072 Filter Housing Wrench