Viqua VIQUA Lamp and Sleeve Replacement Kit for H, H and PRO20 Model UV Systems 602850-102 602850-102
VIQUA 602850-102 UV-lampe og hylstersæt til PRO20, H, H+
Til brug med VIQUA H, H+ og Pro20 modelsystemer
Viqua VIQUA Lamp for PRO20, H, and H Model UV Systems 602855 602855
VIQUA 602855 UV-lampe til PRO20, H, H+ UV-systemer
For use with Pro20, H and H+ Model Systems
VIQUA Quartz Sleeve for H, H, and PRO20 Model UV Systems 602975 602975
VIQUA 602975 UV Quartz Sleeve til PRO20, H, H+ UV-systemer
Brug med Pro20, H og H+ modelsystemer
Viqua VIQUA Top Sleeve Bolt for Pro, G, H, J, K, and Plus Models Wire Form Sold Separately 602916 602916
VIQUA Top Sleeve Bolt til Pro, G, H, J og K UV-systemer
Compatible with VIQUA Pro, G, H, J, K and Plus Series Systems
 Viqua 650651 H UV System, 45 GPM ,1" and 1.25" NPT  650651-
VIQUA 650651 H UV-system, 45 GPM ,1" og 1,25" NPT
Long two-year UV lamp life for less maintenance
Counts down the days until UV lamp is due for replacement
LED lights for system status monitoring
Integrates with optional solenoid valve for automatic water shut-off when system errors occur
System made in Canada and/or USA