Atlantic Ultraviolet Atlantic Ultraviolet Quartz Sleeve for Sanitron S2400C and higher 15-1082A 15-1082A
Atlantic Ultraviolet
Sanitron 15-1082A UV Quartz Sleeve for S2400C System and higher
Use with Atlantic Ultraviolet Sanitron S2400B, S2400C, S5000C, S10000C, S15000C, S20000C, and S25000C UV Systems
Atlantic Ultraviolet Sanitron S5000C 83 GPM UV System - S5000C S5000C
Atlantic Ultraviolet
Sanitron S5000C UV System 83 GPM 120V or 220V
Certified by NSF to Standard 61
System made in the USA
EASY-OFF END CAP: Easily removable end cap to change UV lamp effortlessly.
DRAIN PLUG: Accessible plug for simple draining of purifier chamber.
SIGHT PORT: The Sanitron systems are equipped with a sight port for easy viewing of lamp operation.
WIPER: All Sanitron systems come equipped with a special patented dual action wiper to make periodic cleaning of the quartz sleeve effortless, extend the life of the quartz sleeve, and keep the output of the UV lamp at peak levels.