Viqua UV System Upgrade Program

Out with the old, in with the new Viqua UV System deal

Upgrade from any Brand UV System to a NEW Viqua Unit and Save 20%

With VIQUA’s new and improved Upgrade Program*, you’ll save 20% on any qualifying UV system when you replace an old ultraviolet disinfection system with a new one with comparable flow rates.

Your old system doesn’t even have to be an old VIQUA system! Any brand of UV system qualifies.

Pro Tip

If you have an aging UV system and require modernized components like a controller or UV chamber, upgrading to a new system could be advantageous. With a 20% discount, obtaining an entirely new system might cost less than purchasing replacement parts for your existing one.

What UV Systems Qualify for the Upgrade?

call ESP Water Customer support

To participate in the upgrade program, all you need is:
a photo of your current system, model number and serial number. 

No matter what type of UV system you currently have, this promo can work! Current system need not be Viqua brand.

And if your current system is a Viqua brand UV water sterilizer, consider upgrading to a new system.

For example: you could replace a discontinued VIQUA system with a new VIQUA system of a comparable flow rate to the older system (such as a 10 GPM system with a VH200 at 9 GPM).

How to Get 20% off a Viqua UV System

  • Please call our customer support team at (877) 377-9876 Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm Central Time (U.S.)
  • Customer support agent will approve the update and assist in placing order at 20% off price of new system
  • When you call, please have the following items ready

        • Photo of current UV system
        • UV system serial number
        • UV system model number
Sold out
  • Compact, yet powerful design treats water with UV light, plus includes an
  • Integrated pre-filter that can remove sediment, dirt and rust for improved taste.
  • Includes a lamp replacement timer.
  • Proven UV system with premium-quality parts at a value price.
  • Treats up to 9 gpm, perfect for a home with 1-3 bathrooms.

* NOTE: This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion. This offer excludes VIQUA High Flow systems (SHF series). Replacement system must be of the same or similar value. VIQUA reserves the right to refuse systems submitted if they do not meet the program's criteria.

Why Purchase from ESP Water Products?

ESP Water Products Customer Support is ready to answer questionsSince 2003, we've been a leader in the water filtration industry. This longevity has led us to the very best UV water disinfection systems on the market. When you purchase from, you can trust that your system will be manufactured with the highest-quality components, has an outstanding warranty, and has the very highest ratings for customer satisfaction.

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