VIQUA 650716-006 UV Controller for B and C Systems

Part Number: 650716-006
( 1 reviews )

VIQUA 650716-006 UV Controller for B and C Systems

( 1 reviews )
Part Number: 650716-006
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The VIQUA 650716-006 Controller Power Supply Replacement Kit for the discontinued Trojan UVMAX model B and C systems manufactured between 1994-2000. The 650716-006 power supply is a transformer that supplies the correct voltage to the B and C system and updates the obsolete blue controller with a newer, smaller system. It also keeps you informed by having both audible and visual alarms, a lamp replacement reminder, and indicator lights to show system status.

Feature & Specs
For use with discontinued Trojan UVMAX models B and C manufactured between 1994-2000.
Offers audible and visual lamp replacement reminders
Monitors lamp and power supply functionality
Features lamp age reset button
Includes Lamp Harness part #650711-001
Operates at 100-130 Volts
Power Cord sold separately (602636)