Viqua VIQUA Sterilight UV Controller for all Cobalt Non-Monitored Models BA-ICE-CL BA-ICE-CL
VIQUA BA-ICE-CL UV Controller for VH200, VH410, SC-200
For use with Viqua VH200, VH410 and SC-200/320 UV systems
Genuine Viqua replacement part
Viqua VIQUA Sterilight High Output UV Lamp for SPV-2.5 and SP150-HO Series Systems S150RL-HO S150RL-HO
VIQUA S150RL-HO UV Lamp High Output for VH150
For use with Sterilight SPV-2.5 and SP150-HO Systems
Viqua VIQUA Lamp and Sleeve Combo Kit for VH150 Series QL-150 QL-150
VIQUA QL-150 UV Lamp and Sleeve Kit for VH150 UV System
For use with VIQUA VH150 Series Systems
Includes: 1 Lamp, 1 Quartz Sleeve, 2 O-Rings
Viqua VIQUA Quartz Sleeve for VH150 Model UV System QSO-150 QSO-150
VIQUA QSO-150 UV Quartz Sleeve for VH150 UV System
Use with VIQUA VH150 Model Systems
Viqua VH150 UV Water Treatment System - 5 GPM Compact Stainless Steel Purifier for Whole House and Well VH150-
VIQUA VH150 UV System 5 GPM, 110-240V, 3/4"x1" NPT
Counts down the days until UV lamp is due for replacement
System made in Canada and/or USA
Viqua Viqua Flow Restrictor 8.9 GPM 3/4 FNPT FRSS-8.9
VIQUA FRSS-8.9 Flow Restrictor 8.9 GPM 3/4" FNPT
Application: VIQUA Point-of-Entry systems
Viqua VIQUA 6 GPM Flow Restrictor 1 x 1 FNPT FRSS-6 FRSS-6
VIQUA FRSS-6 Flow Restrictor 6 GPM 1" x 1" FNPT
Application: VIQUA Point-of-Entry systems