About ESP Water

Who We Are

At ESP Water Products, we are dedicated to providing the highest-quality water filtration products on the market and backing them up with the best customer service in the business. From finding just the right products to fulfilling your order fast, we are committed to making your experience as smooth and simple as possible.

With thousands of positive customer reviews, we maintain one of the highest online ratings of our competitors. In fact, when a new employee joins ESP, one of the first things they call out is how happy and friendly our customers are. Which is simply a result of our people putting the customer first, going out of their way to serve them above and beyond.

Why do we do it? Because great products and excellent service are the keys to building long-term relationships. Doing those two things well means our customers will enjoy a hassle-free experience with top-notch products and ensure they come back to ESP for all of their water filtration needs.

With ESP Water Products, you can always count on great water made easy. We look forward to serving you, your family, and becoming your go-to source for clean, safe, great-tasting water.

Where We Come From

ESP Water Products was started in 2003 to provide customers with RO (Reverse Osmosis) systems and replacement filters. But shortly after beginning, the founders recognized an outstanding demand in the marketplace for high-quality water filtration equipment. Shifting their strategy, ESP quickly grew in popularity among those who valued superior water filtration and became renowned for exceptional customer service.

In 2015, ESP Water Products was purchased by Freeman Linton. Freeman saw untapped potential in the company, and since taking over, has grown the business to serve customers across North America, Europe and around the world. Strategically, ESP has focused on expanding product offerings, refining operations for speed and accuracy, and improving the company’s online experience. But according to Freeman, “The growth of ESP is a direct result of our amazing employees. They have continued the tradition of superior customer service and how they care for and serve our customers is the definitive factor in our success.”

Today, ESP Water Products is a leading, online water filtration company that is committed to providing "Great water made easy." And the company remains dedicated to providing the best products on the market and second-to-none customer service.

Where We Come From

As a proud member of the Water Quality Association (WQA), an international trade organization that represents the water treatment industry, ESP is committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence, honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Through the WQA, we have access to the latest innovations and industry trends which allows us to stay up to date on leading-edge technologies while providing our customers with the best products and services available. Our membership in the WQA is simply another reflection of our commitment to excellence. And our staff is highly trained and equally motivated to serve customers to the best of their abilities.

From our certified water specialists and trained water professionals to our incredible customer service, it’s everyone’s job at ESP to ensure our customers receive expert advice and guidance when it comes to selecting the right filtration equipment for their specific needs.