What Does the Outback Water Filter Remove?

The outback can remove viruses bacteria and more

What Contaminants Can the Outback Gravity-Powered Water Filter Remove?

The Outback emergency water filter system is a portable water filtration system that is designed to be used in emergency situations and times of disaster.

The Outback Survival Water Filter System efficiently filters out bacteria at a rate of > 99.9999%, cysts at > 99.99%, and viruses at > 99.99%. Additionally, it eliminates organic contaminants, pesticides, herbicides, and more. It has a daily production capacity of 24 gallons.

The high-capacity multimedia post filter in the Outback removes any ''off' tastes or odors, ensuring the water is clean and has a pleasant taste.

Can the Outback Emergency Water Filter System Gravity Filter out Viruses and Bacteria?

The Outback emergency water filter system can successfully remove harmful waterborne microbes such as bacteria and viruses, including E.coli, coronavirus, Cholera, Hepatitis and Polio.

    • Provides a greater than 99.9999% reduction of bacteria
    • Provides a greater than 99.99% of cysts
    • Provides a greater than 99.9% of virus
    • Can also remove many harmful chemical and organic contaminants
    • The Outback can produce contaminant reduction results that meet or exceed EPA standards

How does the Outback Emergency Water Filter System Compare to Other Gravity Filters?

The Outback emergency water filter has proven to be an excellent choice as a survival filter or part of an emergency or disaster preparedness kit. It is also used for camping, at lake homes, and foreign travel when water quality is in question. 

Because of the systems' ability to remove waterborne bacteria and viruses, it stands out above other "bucket filtration systems".

View the Outback Water Filter System Test Results

The compact, lightweight design allows the Outback to be easily transported for use virtually anywhere. This emergency water filter requires no external power source and provides a chemical-free method of disinfection.

Because of the system's ability to remove a variety of contaminants from drinking water, this gravity-powered water filtration system has been used worldwide since 2003, by organizations such as the Peace Corps and Samaritans' Purse.

Where Can I Purchase an Outback Emergency Water Filter System?

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Outback Emergency Filter

The Outback Survival Filter can be purchased here at ESP Water Products and usually arrives to customers within 3-5 business days. Rather than storing water for emergencies, add this bucket gravity filter system to your emergency preparedness kit and have peace of mind.

What is the Difference Between a Cyst, Bacteria and Virus?

The difference between the three most common pathogenic (capable of causing disease) microorganisms are:

Bacteria: single celled organisms which lack well defined nuclear membranes and other specialized functional cell parts and reproduce by cell division or spores. Bacteria may be free living organisms or parasites.

Cyst: a capsule or protective sac produced about themselves by many protozoan, as well as some bacteria and algae as preparation for entering a resting or a specialized reproductive stage. Generally, 2 - 50 micron in diameter.

Virus:  a parasitic infectious microbe, composed almost entirely of nucleic acid, which can cause disease(s) in humans. Viruses can only reproduce within living cells. They are 0.004 – 0.1 microns in size about 100 times smaller than bacteria.

Still unsure that the Outback is the answer for you? Below is a comparison chart of emergency use products which will help you make a decision. Many of these products are clearly NOT practical for emergency preparedness, food/water storage, or for other disaster relief and survival applications, as many of these devices are only designed for recreational use.

The Outback's a Purifying Filter, which can remove viruses, at a greater than 4 log (99.99%) virus reduction rate.

Outback Water Filter FAQs

Does the Water Produced by the Outback Taste Good?

Yes, with the high-capacity multimedia Outback post filters, any 'off' tastes or odors are removed before the water enters the lower chamber, ensuring the water is clean and has a pleasant taste.

How Much Water Does the Outback Produce?

The Outback produces up to 24 gallons per day, which can meet the needs of a family or small group during times of disaster.

What is the "Nano filtration" used in the Outback System?

The Outback incorporates the latest advancements in water treatment filter media technology to effectively eliminate microorganisms like bacteria, cysts, endotoxins, and viruses. At the core of this advanced design is nano filtration, a method that captures microorganisms using electrostatic charge. This involves a fibrous filter media carrying an electrostatic charge, attracting and adsorbing particles with an opposite charge. Since most particles, including pathogens, are electronegative in water, the use of an electropositive filter media proves highly efficient in attracting and retaining these electronegative particles.

The fibrous filter media comprises small filters with a diameter of two nanometers, distributed throughout a matrix of cellulose, polymetric microglass fibers, resulting in a filter media with a pore size of 2 microns. The electro-positive charge of the material allows it to effectively remove waterborne pathogens. Even a single layer of this media can retain over 99% of 0.025-micron size MS2 viruses, providing an absolute rating of 0.03 microns. To optimize performance, the fibrous filter media is pleated, creating a filter with a high surface area, enabling high flow rates while minimizing pressure drop. Moreover, it is capable of filtering virus-sized particles to a retention value exceeding 6 (LTR) log or >99.9999%.

With its innovative use of nano filtration and its pleated fibrous filter media, the Outback ensures exceptional water quality, making it highly effective in safeguarding against a wide range of microorganisms and contaminants.

Is the Outback System Easy to Use?

The Outback can be assembled in minutes. The buckets and filters stack inside each other for easy transport. The Outback's simple and practical design has been proven effective by rescue, relief and religious organizations in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia and is widely used by missionary and government organizations throughout the world.

Outback PLUS 4-Stage 24 GPD Gravity-Powered Emergency Water Filtration System OB-25NF OB-25NF
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Outback Replacements

This kit contains all the replacement consumables that you need for the Outback Gravity Water Filter gravity powered water filtration system in one easy kit.

The filter replacement kit includes:

  • Net Filter removes large particles.
  • Sleeve Filter removes microparticles.
  • Purifying Filter eliminates bacteria, cysts, and viruses.
  • Refining Filter removes chemicals and contaminants for improved taste.

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