Outback Ready Replacement Filter Kit - All Filters

Part Number: OB-RFK-25RDY
( 7 reviews )

Outback Ready Replacement Filter Kit - All Filters

( 7 reviews )
Part Number: OB-RFK-25RDY



The OB-RFK-25RDY contains all the replacement consumables that you need for the Outback Plus OB-25RDY gravity powered water filtration system in one easy kit.

  • Replacement filters for the Outback Plus (OB-25RDY) for Simple Filter Replacement
  • Everything Needed for Continual Water Filtering up to 1,800 Gallons (20-25 GPD)
  • Removes Viruses, Bacteria, and Cysts, Including E. Coli and Giardia
  • Regular Filter Changes Ensure safe, clean drinking water
  • Peace of Mind - Can draw from almost any fresh water source

The filter replacement kit includes:

  • OB-NET Pre-Filter Net
  • OB-SLEEVE Pre-Filter Sleeve
  • OB-PF7 Nano Pre-Filter
  • OB-RF10 Multi-Media Filtration Cartridge