Best Whole House UV Water Purifiers

Best whole house UV water purifier

Best UV Water Purifiers 2024 for Whole Home

If you want to protect your household's water supply from waterborne microbes, consider installing a UV water sterilization system. This technology provides a comprehensive solution for treating your water by using UV light to inactivate microbes, ensuring safe water throughout your entire home.

Here are some of the top UV systems we recommend.

Best Large Home UV System

The Viqua VH410 is a popular residential UV water filter system. With flow rates at 18 gpm, the VH410 produces enough water for homes with 4-7 bathrooms and features a lamp end-of-life timer which counts down the days until the UV lamp should be replaced.

NOTE: If no other filters or pretreatment are installed before the UV system, we recommend the Viqua VH410-F20.

Viqua VH410

Pros of the Viqua VH410
✅ Counts down the days until UV lamp is due for replacement
✅ Integrates with optional solenoid valve for automatic water shut-off when system errors occur
✅ Heavy-duty - Ultraviolet chamber is made of Stainless Steel so reliable in different temperatures, pressure, and pH. Won't deteriorate from exposure to high-intensity UV light
✅ No Risk - 10-year warranty on UV chamber, 3 years on hardware and electrical, 1 year warranty on lamp, sensor and sleeve
✅ System made in Canada and/or USA

Cons of the Viqua VH410
❌ Pretreatment may be required - effectiveness of UV treatment depends on the clarity of the water
❌ The system is designed to inactivate microbes, but does not remove particulates, chemicals, or improve the taste and odor of water
❌ Must operate with authentic Viqua lamp- Installing an inexpensive "knock-off" lamp can void the system warranty

Best Premium Whole Home UV System with Pre-Treatment

This whole-house UV water treatment system is an "integrated UV system," meaning it incorporates powerful UV water treatment WITH a pre-filter. The prefilters are designed to remove chemicals, metals, sediment, and improve the taste and odor of your water.

The VIQUA IHS22-D4 is a whole-home water filtration system that uses ultraviolet (UV) light to inactivate microbes such as cryptosporidium, giardia, E. coli, legionella, norovirus, and hepatitis A virus in your water supply.

Applications for this system include homes on municipal city water, well water or those that treat collected rainwater. With flow rates at 12 gallons per minute, this system easily provides enough filtered water for the entire home.

Viqua IHS22-D4

✅Easy to install and maintain
✅ Treats 12 GPM or homes with up to 3 bathrooms
✅ Improved Taste - Prefilters reduce sediment, grit, rust, lead, & chlorine
✅ Cost effective - annual UV lamp replacement is typically all that is required for system maintenance

❌ May not be suitable for larger homes
❌ More expensive than some UV systems
❌ Cannot treat during a power outage

Best Small Home UV System

The compact Viqua VH200 offers an affordable option for those seeking a high-quality whole home UV system that is backed by a solid warranty.

With a capacity of 9 GPM, this "point of entry" UV treatment unit is ideal for homes with up to three bathrooms. And the VH200 features a countdown timer that indicates when it's time to replace the UV lamp.

The VH200 is a comprehensive home water filtration system that employs ultraviolet (UV) technology to inactivate waterborne microbes in a water source.

Viqua VH200

✅ Economical system with strong warranty
✅ Treats all water coming into home
✅ System inactivates common waterborne pathogens* including cryptosporidium, giardia, E. coli, legionella, norovirus, and hepatitis A virus.
✅ Annual UV lamp replacement is typically all that is required for system maintenance

❌ May not be suitable for larger homes
❌ More expensive than many UV systems
❌ Cannot treat during a power outage

Expert Tip to Select the Right Size UV System

For whole-home applications, a simple way to determine what size UV system is needed, is by assessing the number of bathrooms in the house. Here's a flowrate guide for whole-home UV sterilizers.

1 Bathroom: 6 gallons per minute flow rate
2 Bathrooms: 9 gallons per minute flow rate
3 Bathrooms: 12 gallons per minute flow rate
4 Bathrooms: 15 gallons per minute flow rate
5 Bathrooms: 18 gallons per minute flow rate

Flow rates for commercial applications are determined with a variety of other factors. Please contact us for more information.


Are whole house water purifiers worth it?

Yes, UV water purifiers are very effective at removing 99.99% of microbiological contaminants including bacteria, fungi, protozoans, viruses, and cysts.

Does UV light really sanitize water?

Yes, ultraviolet light (UV) is a proven method for sanitizing water. When water passes through a UV disinfection system, the UV light disrupts the DNA or RNA of microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. This prevents them from reproducing and effectively renders them harmless. UV disinfection is considered environmentally friendly as it does not require harsh chemicals. However, it's crucial to maintain the UV system properly, ensuring the light intensity is sufficient and the water is clear of any turbidity or sediment that might shield microorganisms from the UV rays. Learn more about UV water sterilizers work.

What is the life of UV lamp in water purifier?

Generally, UV lamps need to be replaced every 12 months. Their lifespan is roughly 9,000 hours, which translates to around 375 days of continuous operation before a bulb change is necessary.

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