Viqua Viqua 602806 UV Replacement Lamp for Ultraviolet Water Treatment Models E 4, E4, E4-V, E, E, PRO7 and IHS-E4 602806
VIQUA 602806 UV Lamp for E4, E4+, E4-V, E, E+, PRO7, IHS-E4
For use with E4, E4+, E4-V, E, E+, PRO7 and IHS (E4) Model Systems
Viqua VIQUA Lamp and Sleeve Replacement Kit for E, E, E4, E4, E4-V, PRO7 and IHSE4 Model UV Systems 602810-103 602810-103
VIQUA 602810-103 UV Lamp and Sleeve Kit for E, E4, E4+, PRO7
For use with VIQUA E, E+, E4, E4+, E4-V, PRO7 and IHS (E4) Model Systems
Viqua Viqua 650733R-001 UV Power Supply Replacement Kit for D4, D4, D4-V, D4-V, E4, E4, E4-V, F4, F4, F4-V and IHS-D4 Trojan UVMAX 100-240V 650733R-001
VIQUA 650733R-001 UV Controller for D4P, D4+, E4, E4+, IH22-E4
For use with VIQUA D4, D4+, D4-V, E4, E4+, E4-V, F4, F4+, F4-V and IHS (D4) Model Systems
Offers lamp replacement reminders
Monitors lamp, power supply and optional solenoid valve functionality
Features lamp age reset button
LCD Screen
Viqua VIQUA Quartz Sleeve for E4, E4, E4-V, PRO7 and IHSE4 Model UV Systems 602733 602733
VIQUA 602733 UV Quartz Sleeve for E, E4, E4+, E4-V, PRO7
Use with E4, E4+, E4-V, Pro7 and IHS (E4) Systems
Viqua VIQUA E4 Model 22 GPM UV System - 650682 650682-
VIQUA 650682 UV E4 UV System, 22 GPM, 1" NPT, LCD Interface
User friendly screen displays lamp life, system status, and how to resolve errors
Counts down the days until UV lamp is due for replacement
Integrates with optional solenoid valve for automatic water shut-off when system errors occur
System made in Canada and/or USA