Aqua Flo 41407005 Ultra Filtration Membrane

Part Number: 41407005
( 9 reviews )

Aqua Flo 41407005 Ultra Filtration Membrane

( 9 reviews )
Part Number: 41407005
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The Aqua Flo 41407005 is a ultra fine filtration hollow fiber mechanical membrane featuring a quick change head for the QCUF RO system. The Aqua Flo 41407005 Ultra Filtration membrane replaces the fourth stage of the QCUF system. Rated at as a 0.2 micron membrane, the UF system doesn't require a drain line to run no waste water to worry about. The UF membrane features the same quick connect twist and lock design as the rest of the QCUF filters, making it easy to change making service a snap. To keep your system in top shape, change the Aqua Flo 41407005 every 12 months.

Feature & Specs
Ultra Fine Filtration
Replace Every 12 months
Micron Rating: 0.2 micron
Flow Rate: 0.5 gpm
Filter Capacity: 2000 gallons