AXEON 208438 RO Membrane Housing 3"x 12" for TF-3012-500

Part Number: 208438
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AXEON 208438 RO Membrane Housing 3"x 12" for TF-3012-500

( 0 reviews )
Part Number: 208438
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The AXEON 208438 RO Membrane Housing is an FDA-approved polypropylene reverse osmosis membrane housing designed to fit the AXEON 208802 Membrane or other standard size membranes that measure 3" x 12". The AXEON 208438 Membrane Housing's ripped cap and housing are one-piece injection molding, with no solvents or glues, meaning they are extra strong and chemically resistant. The ripped cap uses ACME threads with o-rings to provide a leak-proof seal. The membrane housing is rated to test burst pressure of 400 psi and a cycle test of 150,000 cycles at 150 psi.

NOTE: There is no flow restrictor or check valve built into the the 208438 Membrane Housing and must be added separately, depending on the specific RO system. Please check with the manufacturer to see which your system requires.

Feature & Specs
FDA Grade materials
Test Burst Pressure: 400 psi
Model: 3012
Dimensions: Fits standard size 3" x 12" RO membranes
3/8" FNPT Ports for Feed, Permeate, and Concentrate
Cycle Test: 150,000 Cycles at 150 psi
Material: Reinforced Polypropylene
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