AXEON LC-750 Reverse Osmosis System 750 GPD

Part Number: LC-750
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AXEON LC-750 Reverse Osmosis System 750 GPD

( 0 reviews )
Part Number: LC-750
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Replacement & Add Ons
Stage 1
AXEON SDF-25-2005 Sediment Filter 5 Micron 2.5" x 20" 200626 - - Replace Every 12 Months
Stage 2
AXEON CBF-25-2010 Carbon Block Filter 2.5"x20" 10 Micron 200659 - - Replace Every 12 Months
Stage 3
AXEON HF5-3018 RO Membrane 80 PSI 600 GPD 3" x 18" 209175 - - Replace Every 12 Months

AXEON® LC–750 Reverse Osmosis Systems are manufactured for light commercial applications and produce up to 750 gallons per day of RO filtered water. Its compact, space-saving design makes it ideal for wall-mounting or placement on a 20" floor stand. This pre-assembled system is ready for immediate online service, requiring minimal setup and simple utility connections.

The RO system includes an HF5 membrane renowned for high filtration with minimal energy consumption, a pure brass rotary vane high-pressure pump, an ODP (over-discharge prevention) high-efficiency carbonator motor, a low-pressure switch for pump protection, a concentrate recycle flow meter with a stainless steel integrated needle valve, as well as a permeate high-pressure switch, and a permeate and concentrate flow meter featuring stainless steel integrated needle valves.

Feature & Specs
System includes integrated sediment filter to remove suspended particles
ODP High Efficiency Carbonator Motor
Permeate Flow Meter
Feed Solenoid Valve
Permeate High Pressure Switch
HM Digital® DM– 2 Dual TDS Meter
System made in the USA
3-stage, 750 Gallons Per Day
110 volt standard
60Hz Standard (50Hz option), 1PH, 6.6A
Dimensions: 17” x 13” x 34”
Inlet: 1/2” QC
Waste: 3/8” QC
Product: 3/8” QC
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