Luminor RLQ-850 UV Lamp and Sleeve Kit with Lamp Key

Part Number: RLQ-850
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Luminor RLQ-850 UV Lamp and Sleeve Kit with Lamp Key

( 0 reviews )
Part Number: RLQ-850
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The RLQ-850 includes the replacement UV lamp, accompanying quartz sleeve, and lamp key for the LUMINOR BLACKCOMB LB4-201, LB5-201, and LB6-201 Model UV water treatment systems. Replacing the lamp every 12 months is extremely important to maintain proper system efficacy. The sleeve can be replaced every 24 months or as needed to keep mineral build-up from hindering the lamp's effectiveness.

Why using a genuine LUMINOR lamp is important: LUMINOR UV systems and lamps are tested and certified as a complete unit. Using an authentic LUMINOR lamp ensures proper system performance. Using non-LUMINOR lamps voids all UV system certifications and may compromise your warranty should an issue arise.

Feature & Specs
Includes Lamp Key (works for LUMINOR Branded Systems Only)
For all LUMINOR BLACKCOMB 4.1 LB4-201, 5.1 LB5-201, 6.1 LB6-201
Includes RL-850 and RQ-850
Replace lamp every 12 months
Replace sleeve every 24 months or as needed

This video demonstrates how to replace the lamp on your BLACKCOMB UV water treatment system.