Mini Pure MIN-9 9 GPM UV System

Part Number: MIN-9
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Mini Pure MIN-9 9 GPM UV System

( 0 reviews )
Part Number: MIN-9
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Made in America
Replacement & Add Ons
Replacement Lamp
Ster-L-Ray GPH620T5L/4 Replacement UV Lamp 05-0097A-R - - Replace Every 12 Months
Made in America

Atlantic Ultraviolet’s MIN-9 is part of their Minipure line of UV disinfection units. The MIN-9 uses 1 lamp and sleeve to produce 9 gallons of purified water per minute. The Minipure is their no-frills compact units that feature an Easy-Off end cap and Surelite electronic ballast. The Surelite ballast is a simple ballast that comes with red and green LED to provide visual indication of lamp function and an alarm that sounds if the lamp is not working. The MIN-9 also has optional accessories such as the Sentry safety sensor, an audio alarm, elapsed time indicator, solenoid valve, and flow control valve.

*ADD-ON OPTIONS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST - Contact ESP Water Products for More Info*

Feature & Specs
System made in the USA
EASY-OFF END CAP: Easily removable end cap to change UV lamp effortlessly.
LED and CLEAR END CAP: An LED on the transformer and a clear window on the end cap provide visual confirmation of lamp operation.
WALL MOUNT: All Minipure systems come equipped with Promate Wall Mounting Bracket.
COMPACT: Minipure systems require minimal space and provide UV purification at an economical price.
Flow Rate: 9 Gallons Per Minute
Application: Point-of-Entry
Power: 120-220V 50-60Hz 50W N. American Plug
Overall Dimensions: 29.375" x 4.25"
Inlet Dimensions: 3/4" NPT
Outlet Dimensions: 3/4" NPT
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