PuROTwist PT3000 RO Sanitizing Kit PTKIT-RO3

Part Number: PTKIT-RO3
( 4 reviews )

PuROTwist PT3000 RO Sanitizing Kit PTKIT-RO3

( 4 reviews )
Part Number: PTKIT-RO3



Sanitizing Kit for the 3-Stage PuROTwist Reverse Osmosis Systems (PT3000)

This kit includes everything you'll need to assist in sanitizing your reverse osmosis system. This value kit Includes:

  • 3x Empty Q-Series Filter Housings - REUSABLE
  • 1x System Sanitizer Packet that Kill 99.99% of Harmful Bacterial (SS25RO)


  1. Shut off water supply to the RO unit and remove membrane and all filters. If applicable, turn off pump. Use rubber gloves and store filters and membranes in water to prevent damage.
  2. Open pure water faucet and depressurize the system.
  3. Pour entire packet of Sani System RO Unit Sanitizer directly into the first main housing unit and re-install the cartridge (a dummy filter may be required for newer models). Make sure pure water faucet is closed and turn on the water supply.
  4. Allow system to fill with water. Time will vary depending on water pressure. However, system should be full within 5-10 minutes without the filter or membrane installed. Once full, let system set for 60 seconds then flush system two times.
  5. Replace or re-install filters and membrane.

More information about sanitizing your RO system can also be found here.