VIQUA 650709-013 UV Controller for PRO24-186

Part Number: 650709-013
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VIQUA 650709-013 UV Controller for PRO24-186

( 0 reviews )
Part Number: 650709-013
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Power Supply and Controller Replacement Kit for VIQUA Pro24-186 Model systems. This is a transformer that supplies the correct voltage to your system. It also keeps you informed by monitoring lamp age and CoolTouch Fan functionality. Accessories such as the Audible Alarm and solenoid valves are monitored and controlled by this power supply.

Feature & Specs
For use with VIQUA Pro24-186 Model system
Offers lamp replacement reminders
Monitors lamp, power supply, fan and solenoid functionality
Features lamp age reset button
Includes Lamp Harness part #650711-001
Sensor Reading Indicator
Operates at 100-240 Volts