VIQUA PRO24-100 UV System, 24 GPM, USEPA 2-Log Validated 660095-R

Part Number: 660095-R
( 1 reviews )

VIQUA PRO24-100 UV System, 24 GPM, USEPA 2-Log Validated 660095-R

( 1 reviews )
Part Number: 660095-R
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UV Sensor and Alarm
Flow Meter
Lamp Replacement Timer
Replacement & Add Ons
Replacement Lamp
VIQUA 602856 UV Lamp for PRO30, PRO50, J, J+, K, K+, S80 - - Replace Every 12 Months
Replacement Sleeve
VIQUA 602976 UV Quartz Sleeve for PRO30, PRO50, J, K, S80 - - Replace Every 12 Months
Replacement Combo
VIQUA 602850-103 UV Lamp and Sleeve Kit for PRO30, PRO50 J, K, S80 - - Replace Every 12 Months
UV Sensor and Alarm
Flow Meter
Lamp Replacement Timer

The VIQUA Pro24-100 (660095-R) takes pro level safety to the next level thanks with an ultra-high output VIQUA UV lamp featuring Cool Touch fan technology. The Pro24-100 allows flow rates up to 24 GPM with a 3rd party validation for Adenovirus (2-log virus) giving you the peace of mind you need. Primarily intended for small public water systems, the validated flow rate can be changed dependent on UVT for either 10, 15, 21, or 24 GPM. The included UV sensor and flow meter will provide constant feedback on UV disinfection and system performance. This data can be constantly recorded on a micro-SD card or connected directly to a PC with free software available for analyzing system performance. Optional solenoid valve will ensure water shuts off in the event water is not being disinfected properly. This system makes complying with Ground Water Rule and LT2 regulations simple. The Pro24-100 features an amalgam lamp that provides higher strength and up to 2 years of lamp life. Capable of 100-240V, 50-60Hz.

To request international electrical plug types “F” (Europe), “G” (UK), and “I” (Australia) be included with your system at no charge, please email customer support, after ordering.

Feature & Specs
Monitors UV light intensity for proper UV dose
Calculates real-time UV dose for particulare flow rate
Counts down the days until UV lamp is due for replacement
Lamp dimming technology to reduce energy requirements when water is not flowing
Long two-year UV lamp life for less maintenance
System made in Canada and/or USA
Flow Rate: 24 Gallons Per Minute
Power: 100-240V 50-60Hz 460W N. American Plug
Application: Point-of-Entry
Chamber Dimensions: 41" x 18"
Inlet Dimensions: 1 1/4"" MPT
Outlet Dimensions: 1" FPT
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This video provides an overview of the VIQUA PRO series UV water treatment systems, renowned as best-in-class POE UV systems designed to assist small public water systems in meeting regulatory standards. Their compact size, high power density, and third-party validation make them ideal for various public, commercial, and residential applications that depend on a private water supply.