AXEON N-2000 Reverse Osmosis System 2000 GPD

Part Number: 210309-F
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AXEON N-2000 Reverse Osmosis System 2000 GPD

( 0 reviews )
Part Number: 210309-F
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Replacement & Add Ons
Stage 1
AXEON SDF-45-2005 Sediment Filter 5 Micron 4.5" x 20" 200640 - - Replace Every 12 Months
Stage 2
AXEON XE1-4040 RO Membrane 2400 GPD, 100 PSI, 4"x40", 211757 - - Replace Every 12 Months

The AXEON® N-2000 Reverse Osmosis System provides a comprehensive, fully integrated solution capable of producing up to 2,000 gallons per day of RO filtered water. It is well-suited for a variety of water purification needs in private residences, cafes, restaurants, car washes, hydroponics, misting, and more.

This system features a compact design, ensuring versatility and efficiency, along with immediate water delivery, seamless operation, and easily accessible instrumentation. Designed to be pre-plumbed, wired, and assembled, the AXEON N-2000 Reverse Osmosis System facilitates effortless maintenance and servicing. Backed by a 1-year limited warranty and proudly assembled in the U.S.A., each unit undergoes meticulous individual testing to ensure reliability. Trust in the AXEON N-2000 RO System for peace of mind and unparalleled performance.

Feature & Specs
System includes integrated sediment filter to remove suspsended particles
AX– 8000 Computer Controller
LCD Backlit Display
TDS & Temperature Monitoring
Low and High Pressure Monitoring and Alarm
Normally Closed Composite Feed Solenoid Valve with Manual Bypass
System made in the USA
2-stage, 2000 Gallons Per Day
220 volt standard
60Hz Standard, 1PH, 8.5A
Dimensions: 25” x 16” x 55”
Inlet: 1” FNPT
Permeate: 1/2" FNPT
Concentrate: 1/2" FNPT
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