Outback Ready OB-25RDY-B Emergency Water Filtration System + Extra Filter Kit

Part Number: OB-25RDY-B
( 13 reviews )

Outback Ready OB-25RDY-B Emergency Water Filtration System + Extra Filter Kit

( 13 reviews )
Part Number: OB-25RDY-B


Made in America
Made in America

The Outback Plus (OB-25RDY) gravity-fed survival filtration system is bundled with an additional filter replacement kit to save you money and the hassle of reordering. Each filter kit is good for up to 1,800 gallons of filtered water.

25+ Years of Use: For more than 25 years, this system has been used by the Peace Corps to provide clean drinking water during times of emergency. Watch this VIDEO about the Outback to learn more.

When the Outback Plus is Used: Rugged and durable, the Outback was designed to be used not only during emergencies, but also for camping and traveling in undeveloped areas. Some customers have even used for daily use when municipal systems are compromised.

Meets EPA Standards for Virus Reduction: The OB-25NF has 4 stages that effectively remove bacteria at > 99.9999%, cysts at > 99.99%, virus at > 99.99%, organic contaminates, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine and more.

How it Works: Operation is simple - Just pour water into the upper chamber through the pre-filter net and wait for the water to filter down to the lower chamber.

Production Ability: With FEMA, Red Cross and other agencies recommending an emergency supply of at least 1 gallon of potable water per person per day, the OB-25NF will easily purify 24 gallons of water per day--enough for an entire family for the duration of an emergency.

Bundle Includes:

  • Outback PLUS 4-Stage (24 GPD) Gravity-Powered Emergency Water Filtration System (OB-25RDY)
  • OB-NET Pre-Filter Net
  • OB-SLEEVE Pre-Filter Sleeve
  • OB-PF7 Nano Pre-Filter
  • OB-RF10 Multi-Media Filtration Cartridge
Feature & Specs
System made in the USA
4 stage Emergency Filter System
Production Rate: 24 Gallons Per Day
2 gallon upper chamber, 5 gallon lower chamber
Removes virus, bacteria, cysts, organic contaminates, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine and more
Assembled Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 24"
Shipping Box Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 16"
Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
Assembled Weight: 9 lbs
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